Schools across the UK are dealing with an increasing number of students with communication difficulties. In some parts of the UK, 50% of children are starting school without adequate communication skills! Words First Ltd provides schools with an integrated literacy and language approach to meet the needs of a wide range of students facing spoken and written language as well as social communication difficulties. 67 schools around the UK trust Words First Ltd to support their most vulnerable students across Universal, Targeted and Specialist levels. Since 2009, Words First has developed an efficient, effective and measurable service that has been tailored to meet the needs of schools, is cost-effective and most importantly flexible according to the needs of the school.


“Words First is without doubt the best SEND provision we have in the school” Claire Muccio, Deputy Head Southborough Primary School, Bromley


When designing the Words First Approach™, we asked schools this question “what do you really want and need in a SaLT provision?”. We found these answers: a) flexibility b) measurable impact c) consistency of therapist d) onsite advice, support and guidance e) regular training at times that suit the school f) a dedicated therapist who will go the extra mile. When we found these answers we worked tirelessly to implement them in our schools and so we have created systems and procedures that get results.

Our therapists work at Specialist, Targeted and Universal Levels of intervention depending on desired outcomes and number of days per week in the school. Overall, the Words First Approach™ is designed to fit easily in to the demands of mainstream  schools and will ease the burden on SENCOs / SEN departments to meet the needs of students. SENCOs will breathe a huge sigh of relief when Words First Ltd is commissioned to provide services! We will lighten the load in many ways allowing SENCOs and SEN experts to focus on other areas that need your attention. You can therefore be assured that, once a Words First SaLT has taken over designated areas of SEN, schools will receive:

    • a flexible service, around your needs, that has been tried and trusted by 56 other schools (from EHCPs to staff training)
    • weekly feedback and reports on progress of students
    • where appropriate advice and suggestions on how to further improve the quality of SEN provision across the school
    • 6 monthly impact presentations that outline individual student and group progress
    • immediate access to training, resources and materials as well as assessments and reports
    • hands-on and proactive approach to developing universal strategies with guidance and suggestions based on what we know has worked in other schools
    • a consistent service with the same therapist for the length of the contract or in the case of illness, resignation, maternity leave, a smooth transition to a new therapist
    • regular review of the performance of your therapist (conducted by Words First management)

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