Year 1 High Frequency Words – the reluctant reader

A while ago we spoke about the different reasons a child might struggle to learn to read. The 2 main difficulties we see at Words First are phonological awareness and processing speed – difficulties decoding and difficulties accessing the right words. Now

Emergent Literacy – the frustration!

As a family, we speak A LOT! Not just because I know the research, the 30 million word gap or Bucking the Trend, but because we believe communication is key to happiness. So my daughters have good vocabularies, can rhyme till the cows come home and spin a yarn with the best of them!

How invented spelling can help detect problems

A friend recently asked me a question about her child’s spelling and whether she should be worried. Her daughter is in her first year of school and is making up ‘invented’ spellings such as ‘kichun’ (kitchen) and ‘pupee’ for puppy.