The Words First Social Communication Outreach Team 

The Words First Social Communication Outreach Team (SCOT) is a group of Words First therapists who specialise in supporting children on the Autism Spectrum and with Social Communication needs. We help schools and families create a supportive environment for children with Autism or related needs in Social Communication, drawing on a diverse set of therapeutic approaches and techniques, that foster social communication and emotional regulation. We use SCERTS as a framework to ensure evidence-based practice, as a comprehensive tool for assessment and target setting.

Our SCOT team is commissioned by families, Local Authorities or directly through schools for half or full days either per week or as an ad hoc service. 

How does it work in schools?

One of our specialists will visit the school and start gathering as much information as possible about the child. This will include discussions with the SENCO, parents / carers and teachers. Following this, the SaLT will do an observation in different settings and then conduct a thorough assessment of his/her strengths and areas of need.  

In the afternoon, the specialist SaLT will complete a report with recommendations for classroom / environmental and sensory strategies and techniques and will do a face to face feedback with teachers / parents and carers. 

If required, follow up training can be arranged for your staff. 

How does it work for individual families?

For families who wish to commission specialist services for a child, a specific plan will be discussed in line with your budget and needs. This could take the form of the schools service (outlined above), or be more tailored to a specific outcome. Please contact for more information or to arrange a call with one of our specialists.  

Our SCOT Team

Giulia Bruno heads up the SCOT team with our Director, Amanda Davis


Giulia Bruno

Giulia is a qualified and experienced Speech and Language Therapist with a special interest in Autism and Social Communication. Her passion for supporting children, families and teachers has led to her being a well-respected team member and our ‘go to’ therapist for all things Autism-related. Giulia loves to add new and creative approaches to her forever growing tool kit. She knows that no two children are the same and is always prepared to think outside of the box.  Giulia values the power of motivation and will always have enticing sensory toys to hand.

 Amanda Davis

Amanda is the Founder and Director or Words First Ltd. Her role in the SCOT team is to coordinate services and ensure that schools and parents receive an outstanding service that truly meets their needs.