When should I worry about my child’s reading?

written by Amanda Davis MSc, MA, BSc (hons) Last week I focused on my “I, together, you” strategy to support reading at home. I also touched on the importance of language and vocabulary in reading. However, how do you know when to start worrying about your child’s reading? How long should you be doing “I, together, you”? Is it normal for a child to see and hear a word 50

Two things parents can do to help their kids learn to read

…written by Amanda Davis MSc, MA, BSc (Hons), Speech and Language Therapist, Dyslexia Specialist  It’s the first year of school and your child is just starting their literacy journey. You’re filled with excitement at the prospect of your little one soon being able to immerse herself in a book. For most parents, however, you’re also filled with apprehension and anxiety – will your child ‘get it’, will they learn to

How loud should I shout?

– written by Dr Anna-Mari Kruger, Speech and Language Therapist and Audiologist, Words First Ltd Resource Developer If I had a penny for every time a parent said to me: “There is nothing wrong with my child’s hearing, he just doesn’t listen!”, I would have been rubbing shoulders with Bill and his millionaire buddies by now.   Upon which I normally replied, “How do you know there is nothing wrong