School readiness assessments

January 20, 2017 by Jorn Krige in

As a parent of a child starting school in September, we know how anxious you are to give your son / daughter the best possible start to his school life. After all, this is where he/she is going to spend many years, and hopefully, HAPPY years! At Kids First, we know what skills need to be in place for a firm foundation in education – through our unique assessment battery, we can give you an overview of your child’s strengths and areas for development and provide tailored support to ensure they start school on the right foot!

The Kids First team conducts a school readiness assessment to identify any potential areas that we can BOOST before your child starts school. This is an excellent overview of the underlying skills that will be needed, and built upon, in school. If your child has a speech or language difficulty or difficulty making friends or you just want to ensure there is nothing else you can do, then this is a fantastic assessment for you.