Are you looking for your next move?

November 20, 2017 by Jorn Krige in Speech and Language Therapy,Speech Therapist,Speech Therapy

We are hiring!!!

Are you looking for the next move in your career? Would you like to be part of a dynamic, innovative and every-growing team? Since our first contract in 2010, Words First has grown to provide services to over 90 schools in London, with a team of 35 Speech and Language Therapists. We have structures, policies and procedures in place to ensure our therapists have job security yet can grow and flourish in our company.

We are always in search of wonderful therapists to join our team and usually have openings around September, January and April each year.

At Words First, we have a structured career path with ample supervision and support to ensure you reach your full potential as a SaLT as early as possible. We take work-life balance very seriously and believe that therapists who are well cared for and happy in their roles will provide an outstanding service. All Words First therapists are allocated a Clinical Lead SaLT who will be your guide and your leader. You will also have a Words First mentor who will provide peer support. Amanda is always accessible and will encourage you to have her number of speed dial for the first few months in your role! Words First offers maternity leave in line with the NHS as well as statutory pension, dedicated admin time and most importantly, the opportunity to MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!

If you believe this could be your dream job, please send your CV to


We look forward to hearing from you.