Jaqueline Mcmillian


Hello! My name is Jacqueline, but my family and friends call me Jackie.

I completed my studies at the University of Southern Mississippi where I obtained a degree in Elementary Education in 2015, and Speech-Language Pathology in 2018.

I have worked as a traveling Speech Therapist for the past 3 years throughout Texas, California, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. While working in different parts of the U.S., I attained experiences in different settings such as skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospitals, and schools. I have worked in rehabs to assist many patients with neurological disorders, intensive care units to assist stroke and traumatic brain injury patients, and medical units to identify and treat dysphagia. Being a travel therapist has been the most rewarding, though sometimes challenging, experience I’ve had the fortune to encounter.

I especially enjoy the school setting because I am a passionate advocate for education. My best experience thus far was working at an elementary school on an Airforce Base in Northern California. Growing up in a military family made my time in California more memorable because I worked with students and families from all over the world, as well as with an amazing team of professionals. My second-best experience was working is in the U.S. Virgin Islands where I learned more about cultural dialects, how to identify language/communication disorders from language/communication barriers, and how to construct AAC boards specifically tailored for a targeted setting.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and visiting family back in Mississippi. I like to try new foods, go to Carnivals and State Fairs, fish, zipline, go horseback riding, and plan family trips during the holiday and summer months.

If I had to call my best friend and ask her to describe me, I think she’d describe me as resilient, optimistic, and sassy.