Zainab Mahomedy

Zainab Mahomedy


Hi, my name is Zainab and I am originally from South Africa.

I studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, graduating with a Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology (Hons) degree in 2020. I completed my community service in 2021 at a rehabilitation centre in Phoenix, South Africa. During this time, I worked with a diverse set of clients, ranging from paediatric to geriatric.

Upon identifying the need for alternative communication methods with the population I served, I trained in Makaton (SA), Foundation Levels 1 & 2, where I discovered my zeal for learning more about alternative and augmentative communication. Aligned with Words First values, I place importance on collaborative intervention which is child-centred and holistic.

During my leisure time, you will find me seeking adventure accompanied by my husband. This could be anything from exploring new places and trying out various foods to hiking and abseiling off mountains! When it comes to long walks by the ocean – the answer is always yes! I am an avid reader and have read too many great books to select a favourite. My best friend’s description of me using just three words: trustworthy, adventurous and ambitious.