Our Values



We believe that ALL children should have access to high quality, evidence-based support when they need it. Therefore, we are proud to work with schools who recognise this need and afford us the opportunity to respond to the individual needs of a wide range of children, regardless of income. Through Kids First, we are able to offer a sliding fee scale based on type of support thereby reaching as many children in need as possible

Our Values



Our work will be of the highest standard both in research and clinical practice while remaining fun and exciting for children. We review practices, approaches and programmes from within the UK and internationally to ensure that what we deliver is of the highest research and evidence based standards.

Our Values



Our doors are always open and we will endeavour to share our knowledge and skills with staff, parents and other professionals for the benefit of our students. Through our professional development programme for Teaching Assisants, we aim to raise awareness of literacy and language difficulties across all of our schools through improving universal strategies for children with SLCN.

Our Values



We include parents and all professionals working with children and acknowledge that as a team we will provide a more effective service. With the skills of an Occupational Therapist, EAL specialist, dyslexia specialist and ASD specialist, we aim to broaden the knowledge base of our staff so that we can provide a service that is truly collaborative and ultimately, effective.

Our Values



At Words First we think outside the box, we do things differently so that we can have a measurable IMPACT. We saw a need for an effective approach to spoken and written language and developed the Words First reading and language circuit™ model upon which most of our work in schools is based. We also saw a need for prevention of literacy and language difficulties and have created the Every Word Counts Programme.

When we identified that there were limited resources for secondary aged students, we engaged the services of an artist to help create unique materials that help us help students meet their goals.

Our Values



We believe flexibility is key to working with children, whether in our families service (Kids First) or  within our schools. At Words First we understand that children have good days and not so good days and we will always adapt our approach. We aim for our therapists to have a broad skills base that they can tap in to adapt to the needs of the individual children and schools.