What is Words First Speech and Language Therapy for Schools?

Words First Ltd was created to meet the need for a high quality service for children experiencing spoken and / or written language difficulties in mainstream schools. At Words First, we believe that spoken and written language are inextricably linked and that (with additional training) speech and language therapists are in an ideal position to address all language areas (including many aspects of written language and social communication). Our work across Universal, Targeted and Specialist levels can therefore extend well beyond traditional speech and language therapy and into the realm of reading, spelling and reading comprehension. This provides schools with a cost-effective option to support a wider range of children. Please click Levels of support for a visual of how we can support in schools.


Every therapist who works for Words First Ltd, in addition to their undergraduate speech and language degrees and experience, undergoes extensive training in the Words First reading and language circuit™ model for assessment and intervention followed by an induction period and on-going training, supervision and support in literacy and language. Our schools benefit from having a highly specialist therapist on-site to work flexibly across the three levels of support – thereby, responding to the changing needs of the school and gaining maximum impact.



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