Words First during Coronavirus

March 27, 2020 by Jorn Krige in Speech Therapy

We are all going through an incredibly difficult time. Unfortunately, many small businesses will have to close doors, for a short time, anyway. At Words First, we have made the decision to close down temporarily from 3rd April 2020, until our schools reopen. This means that we will be on an extended break and will be taking advantage of the opportunity to relax (as much as possible), spend time with family and be thankful for all we have. Words First has the most incredible team of SaLTs who are showing their resilience and commitment through this challenge and there is no doubt we will come back stronger than ever.

Thank you to all our schools who have supported us throughout the past two weeks – your support has meant the world to us. We cannot wait to get back to the job we love so much.

Till then, we wish you all a safe few weeks and months ahead. Thank you to all the amazing front line staff who are putting their lives at risk each and every day to help save us all – we appreciate you so much.

Take care everyone!