The Words First Social Communication Outreach Team

The Words First SCOT is led by Hannah Forbes and Giulia Bruno. Hannah and Giulia are our Lead Therapists for Autism and Social Communication. Schools (and families) may commission one-off assessments from our SCOT team to fully and comprehensively assess the needs of an identified pupil in school. Our SCOT team uses the SCERTS framework as the basis for assessment and support in school.

Our therapist spends a full day in school assessing the environment and the needs of the pupil in order to get a clear picture of what has to change for the pupil to reach her/his potential in school. At the end of the day, you receive a full report with recommendations for changes that will support the pupil in school. Any follow-ups and training can be arranged for separate dates.

Autism Diagnostic Service

New to our offer is our ASD diagnostic Clinic. Our ASD service is run by Chevonne Du Plessis, an experienced Speech and Language Therapist with a special interest in Autism and additional training in the ADOS-2 assessment. With Dr Helen Read, psychiatrist, and support from your paediatrician, the team will offer a comprehensive and detailed assessment of Autism.

As part of the service, Words First offers wrap-around care that will ensure you have all the support you need going forward. You will never be alone as long as you are with Words First.