We have a set of Company Values and Professional Values which are outlined below:

Our Company Values:

Our Professional Values are:


Words First is made up of highly qualified and skilled professionals from 12 different countries around the world. We LOVE the diversity of our team as it mirrors the children with whom we work. We respect everybody no matter their background, their history, their beliefs, their religion, their gender or race.

Collaboration and support

We share ideas, resources, tips and strategies so that we can ALL grow and learn together.

Open channels of communication

From the Director to our brand-new Speech and Language Therapists, we want clear and open channels of communication, through which you feel you can express your thoughts and ideas and ultimately be heard and feel valued.

A place for ideas

If you have ideas, then this is the place for you! We love innovative, creative and forward-thinking therapists who value research and evidence-based practice.

Child Centred

Every decision we make will have the child’s best interests at heart.

Research driven

Our assessment batteries and intervention approaches will always have a solid, peer-reviewed research base.


Our team consists of SaLT, OT, Ed Psych and Play Therapy. Our collective minds will support children to achieve their potential.


We appreciate the complexity of day-to-day work in schools. Some days don’t go according to plan, but your therapist will always adapt to your changing needs.


From time-keeping to report writing, everything we do will be of the highest professional standard.