Over the past 14 years, Words First has become one of the leading Speech and Language Therapy providers for mainstream and specialist provisions in London. With a relentless focus on research-based approaches, our Director realised the significant impact inter-disciplinary working can have on the quality of our service and most importantly on the progress of children and young people in our care. Therefore, we have expanded our team to include Occupational Therapy services so that our schools can access the same high standards of professionalism in Occupational Therapy but also our team can deliver best practice through inter-disciplinary working.

In September 2022, we welcomed our first OTs into the team. These 8 therapists joined Words First from all over the world and have been instrumental in shaping the OT provision in our schools and within the company. In September 2023, our OT team will reach 20 therapists supporting 30 schools across London. 

The OT team is led by Katy Dickson, who is an experienced OT with a special interest in primitive reflexes and who holds a Masters degree in strategic leadership. Kim Elston, Caron Vandercar as well as Romy Marsh (all with over 25 years experience and Sensory Integration trained) are our clinical lead OTs. 

We could not ask for a more experienced team of OTs to lead our school service and we look forward to sharing more about them… 

Meet our amazing Occupational Therapy team