Over the course of a decade, Words First Ltd has developed six research-based programmes for Teaching Assistants to deliver in small groups. We have trained hundreds of our Teaching Assistants to deliver these programmes in our schools.

A survey of 40 Teaching Assistants who had attended our training revealed the following:

  • 100% agreed the sessions met their aims
  • 100% rated the facilitators’ knowledge as above average
  • 100% would recommend this course to a colleague.

Schools that commission Words First Ltd through a Service Level Agreement will be able to attend our licensed training for Teaching Assistants. Our 2 or 3 day course (you choose which option will suits your school) runs 3 times per annum and you can send as many TAs as needed on the course. 

The school pays an annual fee for the license to deliver two of or training programmes under the guidance of your Words First SaLT. Please message Amanda@wordsfirst.uk for more information on our training programmes. 

Words First Reading Comprehension Programme
Another comprehensive programme designed to be delivered by trained Teaching Assistants under the guidance of their Words First Speech and Language Therapist. Appropriate for KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils with slower processing and poor reading comprehension, this programme takes children through a series of metacognitive steps that they can use independently to improve their comprehension of written language.
Sound Smart
Our programme to boost the underlying skills of phonological awareness for success in phonics.
ChatterTots Language Programme
A comprehensive programme for EFYS and KS1 children, delivered to small groups by a trained Teaching Assistant.
Engagement with Language
Our programme for boosting language and processing speed in preparation for success in reading comprehension.
The Language and Literacy Gym (LLG)
Designed for use in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 classes. Our specialists come into school to train your teachers.