Wordsfirst Faq

Although our roots are in Speech and Language Therapy, we appreciate the importance of an inter and trans-disciplinary approach when supporting children and young people. So we have gone a step further than merely building a Multi-disciplinary team. At Words First, our drive is for seamless communication between our professionals to create an holistic and well-rounded service for schools. This means that our support in school is influenced by the perspectives and views of the whole Multi-disciplinary team. 

  • SENCOs and Head Teachers who are active participants in improving language and communication across their school.

  • Schools that understand impact can be measured in lots of different ways. While we love data and numbers, what we do is not always measured in numbers. We love working with schools that understand impact can be measured in lots of different ways.

  • Schools that ask us questions and hold us accountable.

  • Schools that make our therapists feel welcome and part of their team.

  • SENCOs who contact us immediately, should problems arise, and discuss solutions and changes if needed.

  • Schools that believe in collaboration and sharing knowledge. We thrive on being asked to give workshops and presentations in schools. Sharing knowledge and learning from each other is what we love.

  • Schools where Amanda knows each SENCO by name. She enjoys getting to know you (even if it’s over email or Zoom) and values regular feedback.

  • Consistency – while we can’t guarantee that our therapists will not move on, we do everything possible to ensure your Speech and Language Therapist is well cared for and happy in her/his role. We have a ‘team around the therapist’ approach to ensure your Speech and Language Therapist feel fulfilled and valued in her/his role.

  • Guidance – whether we’re taking over from another independent practitioner, or the NHS, or we’re starting from scratch, Words First will offer expert opinions and ideas that will help transform SLCN and SEN in your school.

  • You’re never alone – should your therapist decide to move on from Words First, Amanda will personally be in touch, find a replacement and arrange a smooth transition.

  • Specialisms – one therapist can’t have all the answers. Your therapist has access to a wide range of clinical specialisms within our team. Therefore, YOU have access to these specialisms too and together, we can support (or signpost you) in almost all areas of Speech and Language, Literacy and Occupational Therapy.

  • Occupational Therapy – we are proud to have two Occupational Therapists on our team. We share, we learn and we grow together so that all our schools and families can benefit from that collaboration.

  • Flexibility – we will guide you with certain decisions but your Words First SaLT will always do her/his best to accommodate last-minute requests.

  • Research base – nothing gets in without passing the toughest fidelity measures.

  • Resources – at Words First we create, from scratch and with a team of professional designers, our very own resources. This means we own the copyright and can distribute the resources freely within our schools. All the resources you see in our SHOP section are available to our schools free of charge – you don’t pay any extra for this!

  • We take all the stress out of performance management, sick leave and annual leave, clinical supervision and professional development – again, you don’t pay extra for this!

If you think we have what you’re looking for, then please contact Amanda to discuss your needs Amanda@wordsfirst.co.uk