We specialise in school-based therapy services. At Words First, our vision is to support children and young people to access their education, whatever that may look like. We are commissioned by schools, local authorities and the NHS to support children and young people in schools. 

Our multi-disciplinary team of highly-skilled professionals works in schools on a weekly/monthly/ad hoc basis to offer training, assessments, interventions and any support needed. You can choose from any of our MDT services (SaLT, OT, Ed Psych and / or Play therapy) or you can buy-in a combination. 

As a company we have extensive experience supporting schools and understand the need to be flexible. Through our stringent clinical supervision, line management, mentoring and CPD programme for our team, your school will have the best we can possibly provide. Each school is allocated a SaLT/OT/Ed Psych or Play Therapist who will look after you for the length of your contract. You will have a named Principal Therapist who will also nurture and support you.