Fear of loud noises and often overacts to unexpected sound. The child may cover their ears or hide under the desk.

Hypersensitivity to smells or tastes.

Overreaction to touch and will often struggle to stand in lines or in crowded areas like assembly or the cafeteria.

Have meltdowns when expected to do messy tasks like finger painting during art lessons.

Crave movement activities an appears constantly ‘on the go’

Impulsivity and dangerous behaviours especially on the playground

Short attention span and is easily distracted

Difficulty with change in routine

Has difficulty with fine motor skills like cutting, tracing, colouring in, handwriting, etc

Has difficulty with gross motor skills like climbing, ball skills, balance, learning how to ride a bike,etc

Poor visual perceptual skills like reversals of letters/numbers, poor tracking, building puzzles,etc

Poor directional concepts like understanding left/right, up, down,etc