Meet our team of dedicated therapists

All therapists are permanent employees of Words First Ltd. Our international team have undergone an in-depth interview and vetting  process to be selected to join Words First. As a team, we share the values of Words First and are dedicated to supporting  all children and young people in our care to reach their potential. Our Multi-disciplinary team has an inter-disciplinary approach so that we offer an integrated and streamlined service that reflects our differing professional perspectives. At Words First, we believe this holistic approach is the best way to support children in education. 

To provide an outstanding service to our schools and young people, Words First has a rigorous approach to clinical supervision, mentoring and professional development. In some cases our therapists are waiting for HCPC registration and will work as pre-registered therapists under the guidance of their HCPC registered supervisor (this information will be disclosed in our Service Level Agreement and pre-reg therapists will have their reports reviewed and countersigned). We believe in a ‘Team Around the Therapist’ and the company places significant value in team building and feeling part of a ‘family’. When your school signs up to Words First, you join our ‘family’ and will have access to all the benefits of being part of the Words First family!

Meet the professionals who make Words First so special