We have a team of therapists from all over the world!

Words First Ltd has experience recruiting and training therapists from outside the UK. All therapists undergo an extensive onboarding process to allow them to understand the UK education system and through our intensive supervision and support structure, you will feel ready and able to support our schools. Words First is an approved visa sponsor and through the Skilled Worker visa sponsorship programme, we are able to employ HCPC registered therapists or those eligible for HCPC registration. We recruit throughout the year so if you are interested in joining Words First, please send your CV to recruitment@wordsfirst.uk to arrange an informal chat. You do not have to wait for an advertised position. 

You must:

  1. Be HCPC registered (or eligible for HCPC UK registration).
  2. Want to work in schools – mainstream as well as special needs.
  3. Be open to receiving clinical supervision and constructive feedback.
  4. Choose Words First over and above all other options available to you.
  5. Be willing to adhere to our values 

What to do:

  1. Start building a relationship with us as early as possible. Email recruitment@wordsfirst.uk as soon as you think Words First could be a good fit.
  2. Ask questions, get to know Words First and what a role with us will look like.
  3. Ask about volunteering options and get a feel for the Company.
  4. Let Amanda know that you’ve chosen Words First for the next (or first) step in your career. You will then complete an application form and attend 2 interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that you should choose Words First over all other options available to you, so here are a few answers to some of our most-asked questions:

You will be assigned a school / small group of schools that you will look after for the year ahead. These may be mainstream, ARPs or specialist provisions. You will usually be told what your schools will be before you join and we always aim to keep the commute to under one hour. Usually your timetable will be consistent and you won’t move between schools on one day – once you’re in school for the day, that’s where you stay. You might also be assigned to Kids First for one or two days per week, you might see private clients on those days and this will include community-based work … see below for more details.

You will work with a wide range of children and needs throughout your time at Words First. These may include DLD, SEMH, ASD, Dyspraxia, Stammering, MLD, Selective Mutism and literacy difficulties as well as AAC and complex needs.

This depends on the level at which you join the Company. Our Level 2 SaLTs (NQPs) have one fully-paid day per week for admin and planning. As you progress through the levels, your ability to manage your time results in you being able to take on more responsibility and therefore, admin time is reduced (this is only done when you feel you are ready for the change). We encourage all our therapists to seek support as soon as possible if they feel they are not coping with their admin load. Your Clinical Lead and/or Amanda will be able to support, give tips and advice on how to streamline your admin, and will ensure there is a clear plan for you to manage the expectations of your schools. 

Career progression opportunities are numerous at Words First. We take a special interest in your career goals and actively support you to meet these through your unique Professional Development Plan. All of our Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists have played an important part in the shape of the Company – you are always listened to and your skills will always find a home at Words First. A huge part of why Amanda started Words First was that she felt she was not listened to and did not have an opportunity to share her goals and ideas. This will not be the case at Words First! We welcome visionary therapists who are eager to learn but also to contribute to the Company (and of course to the field of Speech and Language).

All Speech and Language Therapists are trained in our Literacy and Language Approach before starting with Words First. During your first year as a SaLT, you will focus on the transition from student to professional and will have all support necessary to flourish. More experienced therapists (post- one year) complete professional development plans which will be designed around your developing areas of clinical interest. You will then receive a CPD budget to spend on courses and training in line with your PDP.

At Words First we have a clear supervision policy and structure that has been refined over 12 years into what we believe is an outstanding offer for all therapists. From half a day per week from a Clinical Lead Therapist for our new SaLTs to half-termly supervision for our experienced therapists, our aim is to ensure that every therapist has access to the support they need. We never let anyone ‘sink’ – at any given moment, help is just an email/call or message away. Over and above our clinical supervision offer, each new therapist is assigned a Words First mentor and attends a structured course on peer supervision. 

The first thing to remember is that you are never alone and support is just a call away. Words First is a warm, supportive and understanding Company with policies and procedures in place to facilitate mental and emotional well-being. A huge part of this is feeling valued, respected and listened to and at Words First, this rings true no matter what level you’re at in the Company. Each team meeting incorporates an element of our Mental Health Toolkit and you will always find a listening ear and supportive team when you need them most. At Words First we value a healthy work-life balance and we endeavour to ensure that all our therapists cope with the admin load that goes along with being a SaLT in schools. We like to think of a ‘team around the therapist’ at Words First, so you can be assured of reaching a healthy work-life balance as soon as possible. 

Kids First is a converted house in South London where we see families for assessments and intervention. Parents/carers can contact us at Kids First, without a GP referral, for a consultation, assessment or support. Depending on the needs of the Company, and your experience, you may be assigned to Kids First for one or two days per week. In this role, you will work closely with parents and carers and will be an integral member of the multi-disciplinary team at Kids First. If you’re assigned to Kids First, we’re sure you will love working in this special home!