Helps & Faqs

Make sure you are using a browser that supports WebGL 2.0
( Microsoft Edge 2020, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc )

  • Make sure your computer has;
  • At least 1 GB of memory.
  • Minimum, 2 core CPU.
  • A graphics card produced after 2009 with at least 1 GB video memory.
  • A stable internet connection.

If while loading the OIP, ( at any time past half way ) your web browser displays a textbox saying “ERROR”.
We will need to ask you to clear your browser’s “Image and File” cache.
( This will simply make your Browser re download the webpage’s data. )

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your browser.
  • Navigate to the area saying “privacy” or it’s equivalent.
  • Locate and click the button that says, “clear cache” or “choose what to clear”
  • You will be presented with a scroll-able menu.
  • Scroll up and down, and make sure that ONLY “Cached Images and Files” is selected.
  • Click “Clear now” or it’s equivalent.

Please notify your contact within Words First about these issues, and we will move to assist you as soon as possible.

No. The OIP does not store, or transmit, any information from your computer. Neither identifiable, nor unidentifiable.

The OIP does not access your computer’s hardrives.

The OIP is an application that runs on WebGL.
It is downloaded automatically by your computer when this webpage is loaded, and held in your computer’s memory ( as all running programs are ). It is discarded when the webpage is closed.
Therapists and Clients are connected together using Session Keys, through a networking relay.
This networking relay does not store any information regarding your computer. It is also regarded as highly secure.