Schools and alternative provisions may choose one, all or a combination of our services.

Choose from: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology, Dyslexia Assessments and Intervention, Social Communication Outreach or Play Therapy.

Whatever your requirements, Words First will be able to put together the best package of support for your school. Words First will manage everything from recruitment and staff retention, to vetting, DBS checks, CPD, performance management, clinical supervision, sick pay and holiday pay. You don’t have to worry about anything any more!

Should you decide to buy in a combination of our services, the benefits are:

  • Seamless communication between OT/SaLT/Ed Psych and Play Therapist
  • Integrated approach to interventions and classroom strategies
  • One SLA and one point of contact for all your services
  • The same high standards across all disciplines

The most cost-effective packages are Service Level Agreements (SLA) that can be tailored to your needs and budget. An SLA secures the exact number of days per week and per annum of each service that you require (this may be adjusted upwards during the year). Words First can then secure these days for you, you can ring fence the funding to avoid any surprises and then you can sit back comfortably in the knowledge that your staff and pupils will have all the support they need for the rest of the year.

Should your SaLT/OT/Ed Psych or Play Therapist leave Words First, Amanda will be in touch with you and she will handle all recruitment, vetting and handover to ensure a smooth handover of the caseload.

Here is a summary of all Words First Services: