Alexa Fingleson


Hello, my name is Alexa! 

I graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa with a Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology in 2021. I completed my year of community service in 2022 at Kalafong Provincial Tertiary Hospital, which is a public hospital in South Africa. I worked with both the paediatric and adult population throughout the year and gained a lot of experience in dysphagia, speech, language and voice disorders.  

I have a special interest in working with children of all ages that have complex needs. I am passionate about being a part of a student’s development in all aspects of life bu using a holistic approach to enhance their communication and learning skills. It brings me great joy to be able to work closely with students to facilitate effective communication development and implementation.  

“The beauty of children is in their adaptation, we must nurture their spirit and never put limits on their potential; the plan we have for them may be the very thing that limits them. Never forget they are whole as they are, we are the ones that have to learn to listen differently.”  ― Dana Hall 

In my spare time, you’ll find me doing something active, watching series or spending quality time with my friends. I am always up for a good adventure. 

If you had to call my best friend and ask her to describe me, I think she would describe me as compassionate, creative and outgoing.