Brigitta Schwulst

DPO | Business Support

Data Protection Officer and Business Support Officer – CIPP/E

Hello, my name is Brigitta 

I studied law at the University of Unisa after completing my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Johannesburg. I qualified as an Advocate in 2007 and then practiced criminal law for ten years. I have worked as an Advocate at the High Court in Cape Town and used my legal training as a legal consultant at various companies. I loved my time as a lawyer, fighting for my clients. 

I love all things old and beautiful. I spend my time breathing in the history of ancient castles and cathedrals or walking in the wonderful woods here in England. 

If you asked my friends to describe me, I think they would say I am an eclectic mix of poetry and pop, silly and serious, painfully shy and yet a courageous campaigner.