Moira Smith

Admin and HR Lead

Various qualifications in PR, Sales and HR

Hi, my name is Moira, and I was born before most of the parents of our therapists.  I did GCE O levels and A levels, which proves my point.  My career before Words First was a varied journey from holiday rep in Spain, PR Officer for a huge engineering group in London, Media Manager for an advertising agency in Zambia to 20 years running advertising teams at South Africa’s oldest daily newspaper, being well trained in HR while there. I also wrote a regular column “Grumpy old Bag”, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to rant about anything I found particularly annoying.  

Amanda offered me a chance to make a late career change, and to join her soon after she started Words First. She had a vision of how to make a difference to children with SEN and I didn’t hesitate to join her and support this as best I could.  For the last 7 years I have put my HR training to good use as HR Lead with Words First.  I have also been bestowed with the  all-encompassing title of “Admin Lead” which has necessitated this old dog learning many new tricks, especially in the world of accounts.   

I cannot specify  a particular book that influenced me, rather a time in literature  that inspired a lifelong love of its poetry, prose and plays – the writings of World War 1.  

If my friends had to describe me in three words, it would probably be – will arrive late!