Emily Roniger


Hello, my name is Emily.

After graduating with an undergrad degree from the University of South Africa in a Bachelor of Arts (Health Sciences and Social Services in Psychological Counselling) in 2017, I moved on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology. After graduating from this Honours degree in 2020, I dedicated my time to facilitating and supporting a young man with Downs Syndrome. In January 2021, I began my journey as a school counsellor at Oakley House School in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, I provided counselling services to learners and staff who were experiencing a range of emotional, social and psychological difficulties to help them bring about effective change and enhance their well-being. Through working within a school environment, I recognized the importance of truly understanding the way education works and the impact it has on children. It was at this point that I enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate in Education through the Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town and graduated at the end of 2022.

With a longstanding passion for working and supporting children and adolescents with a diverse range of needs, one of the areas I am most passionate about is holistic counselling. This approach sees a person as a whole, integrated individual, rather than looking at their health or psychological concerns as separate issues. My passion for holistic psychology stems from my passion to support children and adolescents in their journey to grow, heal and change. Being naturally compassionate, nurturing and dedicated, I am confident in my ability to connect with children and adolescents in meeting their needs. I am confident in my ability to provide a counselling space that is built upon empathy, sensitivity and unconditional positive regard.

When I am not working as a counsellor, I love spending my time in nature whether it be walking my dog or gardening. I have a deep passion for embroidery and needle work and can dedicate hours to a good embroidery project. My friends would describe me as a natural counsellor, having a gift for mediation and unity as well as optimistic, fun and friendly.