Kirsten Murphy

Ed Psych

Hello, my name is Kirsten

I qualified in December 2020 as an Educational Psychologist and hold the following qualifications BA (Psychology and Anthropology), Bachelor of Arts Honours in the field of psychology, Master of Education in Educational Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg South Africa .

My passion and experience as an educational psychologist lie in psychotherapy / educational assessments and in particular, designing psychotherapy and assessment interventions for children, adolescents and parents. I have experience in evidence-based psychotherapy, various assessment interventions and support plans. I aspire to work with various school professionals in researching and implementing psychotherapy plans in the school environment.

I admire the element of education and teaching that is brought to systems that compromise of children, adolescents, parents, educators, and other allied health care professionals. I perceive children from a Vygotsky and Bronfenbrenner developmental perspective. Children learn about their world through physical interaction and learning is a social process. Parents, caregivers, friends, wider society, and culture play a crucial role in the development of higher psychological functions.

I am a curious, creative, and authentic educational psychologist. If you had to ask my family to describe me, I think they would describe me as compassionate, authentic and warm.