Elise Pelzig


Hi I’m Elise,

In 2023, I completed my MSc in Occupational Therapy at Brunel University London. Prior to this, I earned a BA in Music with a focus on music psychology at the University of Leeds, and in 2017, I conducted a case study exploring the advantages of musical participation for adolescents in a SEN recreational setting. Subsequently, as a high-level teaching assistant and youth support worker across various schools, short break schemes, and youth groups, I consistently integrated music, dance, art, and nature connection into my approach. 

My professional journey reflects a deep commitment to child-centered practice. I derive immense satisfaction from uncovering the sources of joy for each child. Within my role, I prioritise facilitating participation and engagement in meaningful activities during occupational therapy sessions. This involves collaborative efforts with the children, their families and schools to ensure a comprehensive and personalised approach. I firmly believe in the power of co-creating interventions that align with each child’s unique strengths and preferences. My enthusiasm lies in weaving creativity into the fabric of therapeutic practice, fostering an environment that not only addresses occupational needs but also nurtures individuality. 

During my spare time, you’d likely find me dancing and belting out songs (especially when I’m tackling chores)! I also love trying out new recipes and getting stuck into craft projects, and this year I’m determined to dust off my viola and bring some musical magic back into my life! If you had to ring up my best friend and get the lowdown on me, they’d probably say I’m fun, loyal, and a good listener.