Gayathri Menon


Hello my name is Gayathri. 

I am a Speech and Language Therapist with a keen interest and focused approach in working with children of all ages. I studied in India and graduated with a Masters in Audiology & Speech and Language Pathology in May 2013. Before this, I had the privilege of working in both India and Oman and in both clinic and school settings.

During my tenure in Oman, I worked with and helped children with speech, language & communication difficulties. My areas of focus are primarily ASD, speech sound disorders and fluency disorders. 

It has always been my goal to enable parents and teachers to effectively and confidently help their child or children to communicate as much as possible. It is very rewarding to see that smile on a child’s face when they achieve their goals! 

On a personal front and outside of work, you can find me talking up a storm with friends and family, eating my favourite cuisines and dancing to any kind of music!!  As an out and out extrovert, it is a personality trait that ensures that I derive a lot of energy from meeting new people and talking to everyone. Spending time with my family is also what gives me the most happiness!