Njabulo Mhlongo


Hello, my name is Njabulo.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 2018. Thereafter, I completed a year of community service at Tongaat Community Health Care Centre, where I had a wonderful opportunity to serve clients from all walks of life, infancy to old age. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a wide variety of communication and swallowing disorders, as well as practising within an interdisciplinary team. After completing my community service, I decided to focus on the paediatric population with special educational needs following my passion of advocating for and participating in inclusive education.

For three and a half years, I had the amazing opportunity of working with learners with severe intellectual disabilities of Phiri Special School in Soweto, South Africa. I am passionate about helping children reach their full potential by focusing on their strengths and capabilities as opposed to their difficulties or concerns.  

When I’m not working, I like to do outdoor activities with family and friends. If you were to ask those closest to me to describe me in three words, they would say I’m approachable, authentic, and adaptable.