Lexi Yannitsaros


Hello, my full name is Alexandra but people call me Lexi for short.

I graduated from the University of Cape Town at the end of 2020 before returning to my home city where I completed my Community Service Year at Edenvale Hospital. During my comm service year, I worked in a close multi-diciplinary team to assess and manage a wide variety of adult and paediatric patients with different communication and dysphagia difficulties.

I enjoy being a member of the Words First Team as I feel that it provides clinicians the opportunity to use and share their knowledge while growing their passion to help others in need. I have a particular interest in working in early childhood development and keep the child, their family and the community at the heart of how I practice.

In my free time, you can catch me chasing the sun. I enjoy going on adventures whether it is to a new restaurant, activity or city. My friends describe me as motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic about both my work and life!