Alex Kiewiet

Pre-Reg SALT

Hello, my name is Alex.

I graduated as a Speech and Lanuage Therapist from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa in 2013. I have completed level 1 certification courses for DIRFloortime® , Tomatis® Method and PROMPT therapy techniques. I have six years’ experience working in a mainstream full service school and three years experience working in a special educational needs school for children with cerebral palsy and other physical and cognitive disabilities. My interests are in developing language and literacy skills, because I believe all children have the right to communicate and have their voices heard, and that reading unlocks a world of opportunities.

I am passionate about working within schools, supporting teachers and parents. I believe that parents, therapists and teachers need to work together in order to assist the child in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.I am someone who enjoys music. I play the piano and violin, and I always have music playing in my home. In my spare time you’ll find me spending time with my husband and running after my two busy little toddlers. I enjoy reading, baking and spending time with family and friends. If you had to call my best friends and ask them to describe me, I think they’d describe me as dedicated, compassionate, calm and creative.