Katy Dickson


Hi my name is Katy.

My diverse Occupational Therapy career to date spans more than two decades. It has included extensive clinical grounding in mental health and rehabilitation, professional leadership at Borough level, multi-professional service management and service change, quality improvement facilitation, project and program management at national level. This leadership experience was underpinned by an MSc in Systemic Leadership and Organisation studies, the topic of my thesis was the significant benefit of collaborative Reflective practice. I designed a systemic leadership project and facilitated a workshop at an international event for systemic consultants. I love learning and new challenges.

I have experience of working within the NHS and private services. I am a trauma informed therapist, and, during lockdown, I set up my own private practice in London providing natural ways to support regulation of the nervous system using Safe and Sound Protocol, TRE, and Ayurveda abdominal massage for people with complex trauma histories.

I am passionate about working with children and have been developing my expertise in the field of Pediatrics. I am a trained Primitive Reflex Integration practitioner and find this a fascinating area of focus and powerful approach to enabling children and young people to reach their potential.

When I was introduced to Words First, the values and ethos of the company really resonated with me. It is so exciting to see Occupational Therapists in a position to support early development within the Education system. I am honoured to join the company as Principal Occupational Therapist and look forward to not only progressing my own clinical expertise within Education but also to have an opportunity to lead such a fantastic team of therapists.

I am a social person who loves to meet new people. I enjoy travel, exploring new places. I like to exercise regularly and like nothing more than getting out for a run around the local woods. I love being in nature, I find it grounding and soothing for my own nervous system. I practice all the nervous system regulation techniques that I share with others to keep myself regulated. I love to read, I enjoy learning and feel like I am continually on a journey of self and professional development. My passion is writing poetry and I was honoured to be invited by Dr. Stephen Porges, Deb Dana and Randall Redfield – Director of the Polyvagal Institute to debut one of my poems at the first ever global Polyvagal Summit.

My friends would describe me loyal, insightful, compassionate; someone who makes others feel comfortable and safe.