Lindsey Copus


Hello, my name is Lindsey!  

I studied at the University of Central Missouri and graduated in 2017. I have spent my career as a travel therapist bouncing around the United States from Green Bay to Seattle and then Denver. I have experience in primary and secondary levels of general education as well as in-programs specialized to high support needs. I have also participated in several programs for the 18-21 age group, integrating communication supports for students transitioning to higher education or integrating into a trade within the community.

I have special interests in language and literacy as it pertains to communication at the primary level. In addition, I have a special interest in creating services that are neurodiversity affirming. I am passionate about working with families to make them feel safe and empowered regarding communication. I strive for my students to be involved and knowledgeable about their own therapy, and work to make things fun and functional.   

In my spare time, I create art, read, and cook. I also love to play tennis and ski depending on the season. My family would describe me as creative, brave, and resourceful.