Vhahashu Ramudzuli


Hi, my name is Vhahashu!

I studied Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Witwatersand in South Africa. I qualified in 2023 and then did my community service at Dr George Mukhari tertiary hospital, where I learnt a lot about childhood Apraxia, ASD, Dysphagia, developmental delay, stuttering and Aphasia.

My special interest is dysphagia with a focus on enteral feeds. The reason for this is that I see that there’s room for growth in terms of research and practice in this field. There’s limited research on the specific guidelines SLPs can use when practicing, especially when it comes to providing counselling intervention. I would like to be part of the group of therapist’s that enrich this field with knowledge.

I am interested in soft fashion and singing. I enjoy watching movies and cooking in my spare time. A book that had a big impact on my life is ‘Rich Dad, poor Dad’ because it helped me look at my finances differently.