Tamlyn Laubscher


Bachelor of Science in Speech -Language Pathology (Hons)

Hello, my name is Tamlyn.

I studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa and graduated in 2014. While studying I worked as an English tutor, for children with special learning needs, as well as a market research group hostess which allowed me to practice patience, become resourceful, and improve my communication skills. As a speech and language therapist I have worked in a variety of settings including a primary healthcare clinic, a hospital, private practice, primary and nursery schools as well as part of a team at a non-profit organization providing professional services to disadvantaged communities. I feel all my experience thus far has prepared me to work well independently as well as in a inter-disciplinary team.

I have been developing my knowledge in paediatrics for almost a decade and have a special interest in students with EAL, social communication difficulties and literacy needs. I strive to achieve a philosophy of holistic child-centred intervention by working closely with parents and other professionals. I believe that empowering caregivers and teachers with the appropriate skills can strongly benefit a treatment plan.

I enjoy working for Words First as the company’s values and ethos, really embody what a good therapist should be. Being part of a team of forward-thinking therapists who always have the child at the heart of their practice as well as a company who values and respects everyone’s opinions, cultures, and diverse way of thinking, has fostered both professional and personal growth in me. I am excited as a Team Lead to continue to lead, support and guide the therapists in my team to maintain and strive for the highest professional standards.

Some of my favourite things include art, picnics, music and calming spaces in nature. In my spare time you would find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen or looking for a new restaurant to try out. I love to entertain and make my friends and family feel loved and special with my food. I think my friends would describe me as kind, talkative and organised.