Monique Jackson

Monique Jackson


Hello, my name is Monique 

I studied at the University of the Witwatersrand, in South Africa and graduated in 2020. Since graduating, I completed my community service at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, where I worked mainly with the adult population, providing therapy in dysphagia and communication disorders.

I recently completed a year as a community volunteer, Speech Therapist and Audiologist at a non-profit organisation based in the Mpumalanga Province. My primary role was working within underdeveloped schools and drop-in centres in the rural communities. I strived to create awareness of the importance of Speech Therapy by establishing relationships with the local hospital for referrals and potential screening opportunities, as well as facilitating workshops for children, parents, teachers and organisation staff.

My particular area of interest lies within communication, more especially Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) for children with complex needs. I am passionate about connecting people by finding their voice, no matter the form it may come in. As such, my experience thus far has allowed me to better understand people from different backgrounds, while being sensitive to their diversity and personal circumstances. My HCPC registration is underway so I will be operating as a pre-registered therapist under the guidance of my Clinical Supervisor until such time as it has been granted.

I am excited to be working at Words First and looking forward to learning from such a dynamic company with a highly skilled team of SaLTs, all while building positive relationships and having fun!

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new places, trying different foods, spending time with family, sleeping and watching series.
If my best friends were to describe me, I think they would say that I am compassionate, radiantly joyful and ambitious.