Lauren Veenstra


Hello, my name is Lauren.

I graduated from the University of Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa with a Bcommunication Pathology in Speech-Language Pathology in 2017. I completed my community service year at a semi-rural hospital in Creighton, KwaZulu Natal in 2018 before going on to open my own practice based within primary schools in Pietermaritzburg in 2019. My area of expertise is, therefore, with the paediatric population, and my main interests include language and literacy disorders as well as special needs, particularly Autism. I am passionate about working within a team in school settings to assist children in reaching their full potential.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, modelling, spending time with my family and pets and getting involved in community service projects. If you had to call my best friend and ask her to describe me, I think she’d describe me as considerate, empathetic and reliable.