Rhea Philip


Hello, my name is Rhea.  

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology in 2021, after which I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Speech-Language Sciences at the University of Reading, UK in 2022. During my internship, I worked with paediatric and adult cases in different clinics on a wide range of voice, speech, and language disorders, like stuttering, cleft palate, and vocal cord palsy. Being an audiologist has made me perceptive about hearing impairment and auditory verbal therapy. I also worked as an Autism Practitioner while studying, which honed my interest in autism spectrum disorder.  

Words First has given me the opportunity to work in several schools, allowing me to explore and learn from such a talented and dedicated team. This has truly inspired me to better myself as a clinician and improve my skills.  

I like to read, dance, and sing. I enjoy watching horror movies and trying new food. If you had to call my best friend and ask her to describe me, she’d say I’m charismatic, funny, and sassy.