Mira Magsino


Hello my name is Mira.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology at the University of the Philippines, Manila in 2015. I’ve been a practicing paediatric speech language therapist for seven years. I’m also a certified developmental play practitioner, working closely with children and their families on how to cultivate their children’s language, socio-emotional and mental health needs through play.

I have worked in a wide variety of settings such as schools, children’s clinics and as a traveling itinerant therapist to provinces who lack access to services and to indigenous clients. I’ve also served as a clinical supervisor to several universities in the Philippines as well as spearheaded a mentorship program to assist and train the younger generation of speech language therapists in my previous center.

My special interests in the field are teaching play, social thinking and conversation skills; stuttering and motor-speech disorders. Since 2019, I have been an active volunteer for Operation Smile, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive cleft care to individuals with craniofacial anomalies.

In my spare time, if I’m not reading a book, you’ll probably catch me painting or collage-making. Recently I have started to venture into ceramic art. A book that’s had the biggest impact on me recently is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It reminded me that we do not need other people’s permission to live a creative and fulfilling life. We are all deserving of doing activities that we are passionate about and that make us feel alive. My best friends would probably describe me as “curious, fastidious and ingenious.”