JD dela Cruz


Hello, my name is JD!  

I graduated in 2020 from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy.  

During my internship years, I rotated through various settings, including paediatric, mental health, physical health, and community-based rehabilitation. I also attended the WFOT congress in Yokohama, Japan, to broaden my professional skills by attending seminars and talks with the different unique OT approaches from every country. My passion has always been around paediatrics/mental health, particularly in terms of play, social participation, and making people feel the sense of belonging. I believe that using a holistic and client centred approach is an effective way of reaching the fullest potential of an individual. Last year, I was able to set up my own private therapy centre, back home in the Philippines, which caters to all differently abled children ranging from toddlers to teenage years. I am interested in pursuing and gaining more knowledge particularly in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Oral Placement Therapy, and Sensory Integration. I want to learn how to on cater to a broader and wider range of people. 

I am passionate about educating people the meaning of Occupational Therapy. To make children feel the sense of belonging and to become future agents of social change. I also aim in working with parents, hand in hand on how to positively approach their children without invalidating their feelings. Working in a school-based setting is definitely out of my comfort zone but I am ready to take the risk and join the people I will meet in this journey.  

I usually spend my spare time travelling to various countries, exploring places, and immersing myself in their culture. I also love listening to music and playing sports such as volleyball. I am fond of having good and deep conversations with various people I meet. The people closest to me would consider me as someone who is a social butterfly, a comforter, and has a good sense of humour.